Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patty's Day aftermath

(The Three Stooges here...Daddy, Jack and my dad)

So I went to my sister's house yesterday for a couple Guinness and some corned beef and cabbage. OMG! He got his first taste of corned beef (can you say EW? lol. He hated that...) and also got some yummy steamed carrots. (I also caught my sister allowing a tiny sip of her beer...she got it for that. grrr...)

Jack also spent last week at grandma and grandpa's for his almost last appt. for surgery. YAY!!! He has ONE more appt. for something tiny to be done in office and we're officially DONE. YAAAAAAY! No more drives to Phoenix for this. He did come back spoiled ROTTEN, and I do mean ROTTEN. UGH. The baby I sent down there was able to fall asleep and play on his own for a little while each day. He now has to be rocked to sleep for his naps and his solo play time was cut in half. So much for housework getting done this weekend.

Jack has also finally figured out how to crawl and sit up on his own. He is also now pulling to standing on anything he can grab hold of. YIKES!!!!!! All those power cords we thought we had well hidden? lol. Babies are GOOD at this stuff I tell you!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Yeah, I was talked into this. My life is so exciting I need a blog! lol.
Yes, I have a new job. I miss being a stay at home mommy. I'm in training right now, and it's kind of like sending a 747 pilot to learn how to fly a Cessna. I know what I'm doing and I am SOOOOO BORED. UGH. Not only is it boring, but there are a few people who make this class so aggravating that I would rather get teeth pulled without novicaine. ARG!!!!!!
PS...This is for Elizabeth....we're NOT imaginary! HA HA HA!!!! (boobs!)